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ConnochaetOS 14.2 has been released, see the release announcement at


  • updated Kernel to 4.4.19
  • updated some packages
  • replaces salixtools(-gtk) with connostools(-gtk)


ConnochaetOS 14.2 RC1 has been released. This is the first release candidate.


  • added llvm to the iso (dependency of GLX stuff)
  • updated Kernel to 4.4.16
  • updated Iceweasel to 45.3.0
  • updated samba to 4.4.5
  • fixed a bug in xdm causes first-time login to fail.

Download at


ConnochaetOS 14.2 Beta2 has been relesed. This is the second test version.


  • Added libndp to the ISO (dependency of NetworkManager)
  • Deleted wrong notice of deactivated root account in installer
  • Calcuate correct size of partitions in installer
  • Added ModemManager to ISO (dependency of nm-applet)
  • run nm-applet in icewem startup if Network-Manager is used
  • Added xdm and xmessage for graphical login
  • Added choice for console/graphical login in installer
  • Removed support for xfs and jfs in the installer due to problems

Download at


ConnochaetOS 14.2 Beta1 has been relesed. This is a test version, you're welcome to try it.


Slackware 14.2 has been released, which means that our release 14.2 is getting close. 14.1 will be still supported, additionally the 64bit builds.

The building machine is an aged AMD Athlon II X2 250. This machine hosts the slack-n-free 64 host system, ConnochaetOS 14.2 (kvm virtual machine) and both 32 and 64 bit 14.1 systems as LXC containers.

Suffice it to say that building packages for 4 different repos is very slow on this machine. I plan to buy new components, at least a 4 core CPU, if possible six-core, and more RAM. I estimate the costs at approx. 250 €.

Therefore I call for donations, which I haven't done in a very long time. The goal is to collect at least 250 €. Every cent will be invested in Hardware for building ConnochaetOS.

Please visit the donation page


The slack-n-free repos for Slackware 14.2 are ready. Use the following lines in your slapt-get config:

32 bit:


64 bit:


Included is the de-blobbed kernel 4.4 free and libre versions of Iceweasel (45.x), Icedove (45.x) and Iceape (currently 2.40)

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