The End of ConnochaetOS

I am saddened to announce that ConnochaetOS will cease to exist. The reasons are as follows.

  • Almost no active user base. The last Iceweasel update was downloaded 20 times, including bots from search engines and my own boxes.
  • The upstream distro, Slackware, has no new version for almost 3 years. It becomes more and more difficult to build software on 14.2.
  • The need for 32 bit software is declining. Even very small boxes with low power CPUs can run 64 bit nowadays.

As of now ConnochaetOS will no longer receive updates other that from the upstream distro. As of 08/2019 the website will be shutdown and the domain conochaetos.org will be deleted.

What is ConnochaetOS?

ConnochaetOS is a fully free/libre GNU/Linux distro for x86 computers with limited resources, based on Slackware and Salix OS. “Fully free” means, that ConnochaetOS does only contain free software and no proprietary, non-free software, blobs or firmware. Non-free parts of the upstream distros were removed and - where possible - replaced by free counterparts. ConnochaetOS retains full backwards compatibility with Slackware and Salix OS.

Technically ConnochaetOS follows the KISS principle (which means no systemd, for example). The repo consists of a Slackware and Salix repo mirror, except the non-free parts, plus the slack-n-free repo (see below) which includes ConnOS-specific packages and free/libre replacements for non-free Packages in the upstream distros.

The versioning will follow the Slack/Salix versioning scheme to make things easier. So the current ConnochaetOS is version 14.2

Since ConnochaetOS is designed for computers with limited ressources it is available for x86 (32 bit) only. If you are looking for a libre Slackware x86_64 variant you are welcome to use the x86_64 slack-n-free repo and have a look at the FreeSlack project.


Current Release: ConnochaetOS 14.2

You can download an ISO image of ConnochaetOS 14.2 from here